An entrepreneur, Jean-Paul has managed on-board electronic engineering services for 20 years. In 2012, he founded Ubitransport with the aim of providing innovative and inclusive solutions to public transport networks: real-time monitoring of vehicle and passenger flows, ticket management, passenger information and other associated services. A visionary, committed to ensuring the continued success of Ubitransport, he now focuses on the company's strategy and development. He is also an avid scuba diver and enjoys a good bottle of Burgundy!

Miguel is originally from the Dominican Republic and has been living in France for 4 years now. A graduate of mechanical engineering, he quickly continued his studies in the mobility sector. This domain is important to him as growing up in Santo Domingo, he could see the challenges it faced. After a few internships and short experiences in renowned French mobility companies, he joined Ubitransport in October 2021 as Deployment Project Manager. Miguel is a guitar player and loves discovering the beauty of France by train.

A graduate of Polytech Lyon and having had the opportunity to participate in two exchanges in Canada, Coline has lots of experience in the tech domain: in France and New-Zealand, as a Developer, a Project Manager, a Lead Developer, working for IT service companies and startups…But what matters the most to Coline is working on a concrete project, that has meaning to it and challenges her. So, 3 years ago she joined Ubitransport as a Team Leader to create a new web team in Lyon. Coline managed several development teams and recently became Engineering Manager. When she can, she enjoys backpack travelling and rarely refuses a drink on a terrace.

Originally from Dijon, Julien studied IT in a Parisian engineering school. Here, he found his first job as a developer before deciding to move back to his native region, Burgundy, to join a software company in Mâcon. During his time there, he went from being a developer, to Scrum Master to Product Owner. Attracted to Ubitransport by its projects and challenges, he joined the company in March 2021 as Product Owner before becoming Product Manager. An avid drummer, he enjoys running and even participates in marathons.

A graduate of the EDHEC Business School with a marketing background, Laurence worked for B to C companies for 20 years until becoming the French Marketing-Communications manager of the European leader in ecological cleaning products. She joined Ubitransport in 2014. With a range of rich, professional experience, she is currently the CSR and Transformation Director and supports the company in its growth and evolution. Based in Paris, Laurence has a busy day-to-day life between her professional life, her family life and her travels to Macôn.

After starting her career as a beautician, Maëlle retrained as a management assistant for 3 years before joining Ubitransport in Mâcon. Hired as an administrative assistant, she was quickly put in charge of the creation of an administrative hub to manage the hypergrowth of the company. She was then named leader of that hub before specializing in Sales Administration. Full of energy, Maëlle is working on several projects: the one of the company and the construction of her own house.

With a background in communication and marketing, Alexandra had her first experience as a web marketing manager before heading to Canada for a year. Once back in Mâcon, she worked in the local wine sector before becoming an assistant officer in Lyon. Alexandra joined the Ubitransport support services team in Mâcon and assists clients using Ubitransport solutions on a daily basis. She enjoys basketball and also owns a few vines and makes her own wine.

A graduate of ESIREM Dijon, Baptiste worked in a large IT services company on mobile projects for telephone and household appliances for 5 years. He joined Ubitransport to help build a mobile development team in Lyon. After an initial 3 months in Mâcon, he was the first employee in the Lyon office, now based at H7. Baptiste leads a team of 7 developers. Athletic, he runs, enjoys skiing in the winter and kitesurfing in the summer.


The French leader in smart ticketing, Ubitransport helps local authorities and operators to manage and optimize their public transport networks. From a cloud platform and onboard smartphones, Ubitransport’s turnkey real-time solutions enable : vehicle geolocation, ticket payment and management, and passenger information for more efficient and inclusive mobility. We connect transport networks of all sizes and enhance the attractiveness of cities and territories. The data generated by our solutions are real decision-making tools that reduce costs and environmental impacts.

Created in 2012, Ubitransport is a pioneer of digital Intelligent Transport Systems and has more than 150 equipped transport networks in France and Canada. We are today one of the most promising start-ups in France and abroad: members of the French Tech 120 and the TOP 50 European startups prize for mobility.

We are growing very quickly with more than 130 staff across our sites in Mâcon, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Lyon, Paris and Besançon.

What they are looking for

  • Proactive talents with a real know-how to strengthen its teams and help the company continue its growth.
  • Candidates with strong interpersonal skills and a real team player to work together on Ubitransport's exciting projects.
  • A critical thinker with a great ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving market in which Ubitransport operates.
  • Individuals in search of meaning, ready to experience an exciting adventure at the heart of the challenges of mobility.

Good to know

At Ubitransport, they like:

  • Thinking about the future of mobility together and making strategic choices
  • Being bold, facing issues and dealing with complexity
  • Brainstorming on new projects... or competing at table football!
  • Working collectively and encouraging communication between teams and managers
  • Spending time together and bonding in a friendly atmosphere
  • Discussing their quality of life, between city, nature and seaside
  • Ensuring our new talents are well integrated into our team :)

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