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The Mission

As a Product Manager at Threatmark, your primary mission is to bridge the gap between the innovative, technology-driven environment of our product development team and the dynamic needs of our market and clients. You will be pivotal in guiding the direction, development, and strategy of our products, ensuring they not only meet market demands but also exceed customer expectations and align with Threatmark’s commitment to quality, security, and data protection.


As a Product Manager, your core responsibilities will include:

Market Analysis & Strategy Development:

  • Conducting thorough market research to understand industry trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape.

  • Developing and implementing product strategies that align with Threatmark’s vision and market opportunities.

Product Ownership:

  • Defining product vision and roadmaps with a clear understanding of customer needs and business objectives.

  • Prioritizing product features and capabilities based on value, impact, and strategic importance.

Cross-functional Leadership:

  • Collaborating with engineering, QA, marketing, sales, and support teams to ensure a seamless product lifecycle from conception to launch.

  • Leading product release plans and setting expectation for delivery of new functionalities.

Stakeholder Management:

  • Communicating effectively with stakeholders at all levels, ensuring transparency and alignment on product progress, milestones, and challenges.

  • Gathering and integrating feedback from customers, partners, and internal teams to continuously refine product strategy.

Performance Analysis:

  •   Defining success metrics and analyzing product performance to inform future development.

  • Conducting post-release evaluations to ensure outcomes align with initial product goals and market needs.

Požadavky na pozici


  • Seniority: 3+ years of product management experience in a tech or startup environment.

  • Employment Type: Employee or Contractor.

  • Schedule: Full-time.

  • Work Arrangement: Full remote possible, with availability for periodic meetings and collaboration sessions.


Must Have:

  • Proven experience in product management, ideally within a technology or startup environment.

  • Strong understanding of the product lifecycle, agile methodologies, and user experience design.

  • Ability to analyze market data and translate complex technical details into clear, user-focused solutions.

  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to drive product vision through influence and collaboration.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Nice to Have:

  • Technical background with understanding of software development processes and principles.

  • Experience in cybersecurity, fintech, or similar high-stakes tech industries.

  • Familiarity with Threatmark’s technology stack and the specific challenges of a startup environment.

What We Value

  • Ownership: Taking initiative, driving results, and passionately owning project outcomes.

  • Collaboration: Building positive, transparent, and effective relationships with all team members and stakeholders.

  • Adaptability: Thriving in a fast-paced and evolving environment, being flexible and ready to take on new challenges.

  • Innovation: Continuously seeking improvement, being open to new ideas, and making data-driven decisions.

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