An engineer by training, Wilfried has already lived a thousand lives: Consultant at KPMG, Manager at Ernst & Young, Managing Director of Adverline. In 2013, he decided to leave consulting to create the job of his dreams: Superprof. Today CEO, he mainly deals with the product and the user experience. He loves Freddie Mercury (it is not uncommon to hear him singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the corridors), olives but especially adventure! His mantra "Forget that you might fail, go for it! "

An Engineer from Arts & Métiers, a Senior Consultant at Capgemini Consulting, Yann launched a private tutoring site in 2006. He was developing this project in parallel with a career as a management consulting in La Défense. After a world tour, he came back to co-found Superprof in 2013. Today, he drives Superprof from Barcelona and accelerates the development of the Spanish market. He likes photography, good food, travel and never forgets to bring back croquettes to the whole team when he visits Paris.

A Graduate of the School of Multimedia (IIM) - Pole Leonardo da Vinci, Camille was the first employee at Superprof. For 5 years, he has overseen Superprof's transformation, doubling the workforce and helping our international development explode. Today, he is the Director of Operations, taking care of product evolution as well as the user experience at the head of a team of 5. Passionate about the Web and the transmission of knowledge, he will never say no to a game of ping-pong or an aperitif or both.


Launched in 2013, Superprof is a tutoring platform dedicated to knowledge sharing, helping to connect students with over 6 million tutors, coaches, artists, mentors and teachers in 40 countries around the world.

With 1200 subjects to choose from, Superprof offers a rich and diverse catalog of disciplines to his students. This boundless world of discoveries, experiences and passions that has brought together more than 20 millions students and tutors from around the world. From learning to play the guitar to salsa, from maths classes to roller skating lessons, from pole dancing to circus performing, Superprof makes all knowledge possible.

At their headquarters in Paris, 120 employees of 40 different nationalities drive the development of Superprof together. An "international Ambassade" whose organization is based on family spirit and respect for each other.

100% independently owned, Superprof is today the European leader in knowledge sharing and continues its international expansion with a challenge identical to its origins: to facilitate and make learning accessible to as many people as possible.

What they are looking for

To perfect their team, Superprof is looking for passionate, dynamic, curious, innovative, open people who are and eager to learn and driven by sharing knowledge.

They are also searching for tech profiles, to support our developers and web-designers and country managers and customer relationship managers to help us continue our international development.

Good to know

Because home is where the heart is, their « Ambassade », a house in the heart of Paris, hosts all their events: international dinners, aperitifs, ambassador evenings, workshops, conferences ...

At Superprof, when they talk about a multicultural environment, we really mean it. They have more than 40 nationalities represented at the headquaters.

Each year, they choose a dream destination for their work trip. In 2019, for example, the whole team are meeting in Marrakech.

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