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"What matters is working with people who love their job", stresses Paul-Adrien, who created Smartway (Zéro-Gâchis) in 2012 with his brother and a friend. Their aim: to offer simple and accessible solutions to reduce food waste in superstores.

Since then, his company has grown. Paul-Adrien was recognised by the MIT Technology Review as one of 35 innovators under 35 to follow in Europe in 2019. This emphasises his common sense and creativity, enabling him to anticipate customer needs, particularly by using artificial intelligence.

Paul-Adrien is using his entrepreneurial spirit to see to it that today's challenges are no longer those faced by future generations. So, as CEO, he guides the growth of the company and remains available to support the teams in a serious but enjoyable working environment.

After travelling and starting a business school, Christophe wanted to embark on practical action on major social issues. Aware of the climate emergency and the scale of food waste, he took an interest in mass retail, which occupies a central position in the ways we consume. His role is to support Smartway as it grows, to bring together, around a meaningful project, people who have ambitions and values close to his own and to form sustainable partnerships with the major retail chains to make a major environmental impact.

Recently graduated from a business school, Thomas moved into consulting and project management with international experience. He joined the Smartway (Zéro-Gâchis) team at the end of 2017, firstly in an internship, then in a training placement and now on a permanent employment contract. "New challenges motivate me enormously, especially when they take me out of my comfort zone".

For him, Smartway started as an encounter with inspirational founders, then became the desire to be part of a big family. Passionate about technology and travel, interested in the mass retail sector, the idea of combining human relations and passions motivated him to start his career at Smartway. Thomas’s routine consists of assembling, with different cultures and jobs, large-scale projects with major environmental and organisational impacts for the everyday life of partner customers.

Customer Success Manager. Organised, thorough and reliable, always with a smile, even on the telephone, Fabien is very versatile and at ease with everyone he talks to. In the field on a daily basis, his role is to support customers using Smartway solution, advise them, train them and meet their needs and expectations as well as possible. He ensues a successful customer experience!

Following a Management Assistant BTS and first experience as a Commercial Assistant, Anaïs joined Smartway to take part in creating her position in a completely cross-company role, and to develop her working relationships and customer contacts. True Excel buff and expert in performance management, Anaïs compiles and issues statistical data on repurposing short-dated products to the Customer Success Managers, to enable them to assist customers to manage their scrap and therefore to reduce their financial losses. The Smartway tools are implemented with extensive customer data, enabling the company to meet their needs as precisely as possible.

After working for over 5 years in the banking sector, François joined Smartway in 2016 as Fullstack Developer, them moved to a role as Chief Technology Officer. His wish: to participate in constructing a meaningful technical project. Enthusiastic about development and seeking challenges, he works with his team following an agile approach, enabling them to reinvent themselves continuously. He supports them as they develop their skills and as they bloom at work.

On a daily basis, he leads and oversees the projects while following agile practices, in a transparent and happy working environment.

Recently graduated from an engineering college, Alexis showed confidence in Zéro-Gâchis for his first job by joining the team in October 2019. His playing field: Data! Excited by this field, his role is to facilitate access to information for all the company's stakeholders, by combining development and data analysis. Today, he is blossoming within a united and committed team, seeking continuous improvement.


Smartway (Zéro-Gâchis, or 'Zero Waste') is a sincere human adventure involved in the fight against food waste.

A food store throws away as much as it earns! While more and more consumers are in need, combating waste should be a priority: stores can now remedy this, while also increasing their profitability.

As a committed company since 2012, originator of 'Zero Waste' shelves, Smartway has created the first Food Waste Management System platform to optimise the end-of-life pathway for food products.

Relying on unique artificial intelligence, Smartway solutions guide in-store teams to detect products approaching their expiry date and to decide the best way to repurpose them: labelling with a suitable discount or simplified donation to charitable organisations.

Smartway is convinced that today's environmental challenges no longer have to be tomorrow's and the technology to combat waste is the future!

What they are looking for

They're looking for ambitious, kind, agile, honest and self-driven employees wanting to contribute to meaningful assignments.

Smartway promises synergy between all its staff. The various departments work closely together and think about the bigger picture. So they have to be flexible, open-minded and curious.

Good to know

Smartway is a team that believes in modern management methods and ambitious projects...

They think that being united (all in the same boat) makes them stronger and able to excel themselves.

They think that self-fulfilment is also achieved through self-motivation and working on meaningful projects, as well as transparent discussion. They also think that being happy at work is the key to success and that it is important to celebrate it!

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