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Their values

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No Bullshit

One vision, fundamental values

Smartway is the idea of two brothers, Paul-Adrien and Christophe, and their childhood friend, Nicolas, to surround themselves with men and women united in the fight on waste and working to save tonnes of tasty products. The Smartway culture makes it possible for us to achieve our loftiest goals: to build, together, an everyday without waste and to ensure that today's environmental challenges no longer have to be tomorrow's!

We place very great importance on the fact of working with people who will easily fit into the company culture (what we call 'culture fit'). So, people with profiles highlighting a sense of self-motivation, a strong preference for team-working, ambition, kindness, transparency and honesty… are very highly favoured. 'Soft skills' are as important as abilities and expertise.

Difficult to escape Smartway's fundamental values: they form part of the company's very DNA:

  • Nothing's impossible at Smartway: Challenging ourselves to get the best of ourselves! Smartway is a team that believes in work as a source of fulfilment and that thinks big! Because by accomplishing ambitious projects, we fulfil ourselves. We make space for ideas and suggestions from employees by giving their creativity free rein. We're not simply concerned but completely involved in the company's success by giving the best of ourselves in everything we do.

  • Act with confidence: Smartway puts full trust in the teams that act intelligently for both the collective and the company's benefit. Everyone is manager of their projects. People recruited are able to develop expertise (grow) or train others (aid growth).

  • All in the same boat, no 'Man overboard' at Smartway: At Smartway, the teamwork takes precedence over individual achievement. All employees are as important as each other. Kindness is the order of the day: employees are responsive, available, naturally help others and work hand in hand like real partners. Smartway's vision: you might go faster on your own, but together we go further! Collective efficiency also needs fuel to function, which is why Smartway organises special events to celebrate little victories and big successes!

  • Say what matters with honesty: We make transparency of information a point of honour. No secrets for us! We share the figures, we discuss the issues, processes and all the topics needed to take the best decisions for everyone. And we also have to learn to know, know to understand, understand to judge.

Smartway, an agile and flexible company

Flexibility at work

At Smartway, we have adopted 100% home-working for those who want it, with the aim of achieving the right work/life balance.

To harmonise practices and establish this way of working in the long term, we signed a home-working agreement in 2020. Independence, time saved (especially by avoiding journeys), better quality of life for employees: all arguments that drove us to take this next step! Whether employees work full time or only one or two days a week from home, communication is essential for the business to work well. They therefore have digital resources to stay in instant contact with their colleagues: slack, whereby, discord...

Flexibility at work
Our Agile development method

Our Agile development method

Smartway solutions are developed using the Agile/Scrum method, making us as responsive as possible to our customers' requests and therefore providing greater satisfaction. It involves close collaboration and accepting change with a flexible schedule to allow the request to evolve throughout the project.


Smartway (Zéro-Gâchis, or 'Zero Waste') is a sincere human adventure involved in the fight against food waste.

A food store throws away as much as it earns! While more and more consumers are in need, combating waste should be a priority: stores can now remedy this, while also increasing their profitability.

As a committed company since 2012, originator of 'Zero Waste' shelves, Smartway has created the first Food Waste Management System platform to optimise the end-of-life pathway for food products.

Relying on unique artificial intelligence, Smartway solutions guide in-store teams to detect products approaching their expiry date and to decide the best way to repurpose them: labelling with a suitable discount or simplified donation to charitable organisations.

Smartway is convinced that today's environmental challenges no longer have to be tomorrow's and the technology to combat waste is the future!

What they are looking for

They're looking for ambitious, kind, agile, honest and self-driven employees wanting to contribute to meaningful assignments.

Smartway promises synergy between all its staff. The various departments work closely together and think about the bigger picture. So they have to be flexible, open-minded and curious.

Good to know

Smartway is a team that believes in modern management methods and ambitious projects...

They think that being united (all in the same boat) makes them stronger and able to excel themselves.

They think that self-fulfilment is also achieved through self-motivation and working on meaningful projects, as well as transparent discussion. They also think that being happy at work is the key to success and that it is important to celebrate it!

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