• Incubator / Accelerator, Podpora pro podnikatele
  • Žižkov, Praha 3
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    25 % 75 %
  • Average Age

    30 years old

During my career I have learnt that the best thing to do is always to be honest both with the clients and with the team.

Jakub Hon


My main task in SALESDOCk is to create the best possible team and lead it towards reaching the sales quotas.

Michal Vojta


The whole vision of SALESDOCk to me as it is based on acquiring knowledge that can move you forward.

Ondra Steiger

Business Developer

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Know-how from the land of the tulips

SALESDOCk is the project of two friends, Michal and Jakub, who had started doing Inside Sales for a start-up company while studying in the Netherlands. They returned to the Czech lands full of experience, new energy and with enthusiasm to continue with what they had learnt. They saw that many young companies had issues in the sales area. Michal and Jakub therefore wanted to help such companies to find solutions and move on. For this reason they have set up their own start-up, within the business accelerator of the University of Economics of Prague. These newcomers gradually became mentors passing on their know-how to fellow startups and to the companies they cooperate with.

Sales support to start-ups

SALESDOCk mainly helps technology start-ups and beginner companies in need of starting up B2B sales, but are without their own sales team that would deal with this issue. They function based on the principle of Inside Sales – beginner companies have a perfect knowledge of the field they are attempting to break into, but often they lack the sales and marketing areas that in the end decide whether a company can make it on the market. They find out what exactly the specific start-up needs, they set up a team, strategy, infrastructure and then they plunge into the sales together with them. They do this like Google with their Dublin sales hub, just in a slightly smaller scale.

They accelerate knowledge

They think that their team can profit more from acquired knowledge allowing them to move on, than a yoga class or a free gym. For this reason they have built a 2-year programme within the scope of which they invest into personal development of every team member. This, in effect, helps to push projects in other companies. Part of the know-how workshops they manage to provide themselves or they ask their friends from well established companies (UBER, Google, Tableau), the rest they barter. As an example, they obtain inbound marketing knowledge from one of the start-ups and in exchange for this they have taken their sales representative under our wing.

Small team but a lot of fun

Their team still is fairly small - basically they can all fit around one table. They are a well-matched group, They can work damn hard and celebrate all successes. They are constantly coming up with collective activities; they have done go-karts, skiing and the Spartan Race, and they are planning shared remote work trips. When they need a push in some area, they create a challenge for it. For example, in winter they were collecting bad points for coming to work after eight AM, and the one who had the most cooked us a dinner. It makes sense – their customers also start working at eight. Apart from this they constantly push each other towards improvement. One of their colleagues, for example, had to go to Wenceslas Square to collect twenty signatures for a petition defending the rights of LGBT dogs. He made it and lost fear from approaching strangers.

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