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Ringover in 2021 :

Nearly 100 positions will be available in 2021 at Ringover! With a growth of more than 100% in 2020, Ringover is launching a recruitment campaign in France and abroad. With strong growth, more than 28 positions are currently being recruited on Welcome to the Jungle! At Ringover, we are looking for passionate, curious and super motivated personalities with all levels of experience, ready to lift mountains and live a human adventure full of challenges. You are autonomous, serious, you like teamwork and you dream of working in a great team! Don't wait any longer to apply!


Jean-Samuel, president and co-founder

"We are proud to announce this major recruitment campaign which underlines our willingness to take a step forward and complement our current team which has been the source of our success."


Our recruitment method:

  • Recruitment department
Recruitment department

Recruitment department

At Ringover, when we recruit our employees, we don't just look for skills, schooling or significant experience. I think that our role is also to find out whether the team that will integrate the candidate will be able to allow him or her to flourish. We are keen to look for people who have the will to grow with us! We are fortunate to have a well-established and above all very fast recruitment process which consists of first contacting the candidate by phone, depending on the specificity of the position, passing a test, then meeting the candidate (or the other way round) and if there is a match, the job offer follows right afterwards.

Onboarding Testimonial :

  • Gaspard Vayre: Inside Sales: "The training and onboarding programme provided by Ringover as soon as I arrived allowed me to integrate quickly into all the teams. Understanding the functions of each department gave me a global vision of the group's activity. Today, this training is still useful to me in my daily tasks. Thanks to Romain and all the participants!" - Sami Laaboudi: Marketing Assistant Spain: "In a period that is as complicated as it is current, we are focusing on virtual communication and distance learning, but we can also offer a presential training course in the premises of Ringover, which is convivial, complete and with the participation of various colleagues".


Ringover Group is a SaaS software publisher and European telecom operator since 2005. Our vision: to revolutionise the business phone system and transform it into a modern and easy-to-use productivity tool. This idea gave rise to Ringover, a powerful 100% Cloud communication solution integrating telephony, videoconferencing, texting and collaborative messaging. The key: end-to-end technological mastery, a simple and user-friendly interface integrated to business tools, and efficient performance oversight thanks to statistics and supervision tools.

Greatly scaling up in growth and adopted by over 10,000 users, Ringover is on track to become THE leader in European Cloud telephony, primed for rapid international development in the markets for Spain and the United Kingdom.

What they are looking for

Ringover is seeking passionate, curious and motivated people at all levels of experience who are ready to move mountains and pursue an adventure full of challenge.

If you're:

  • autonomous but like working with a team

  • exacting and full of positivity

  • serious (without taking yourself too seriously!)

  • playing the piano if you're musically inclined

  • for football fans, challenging Vianney (yes, him again) once a week

Good to know

Working at Ringover means working with a talented, peppy team in an exploding market worth over 40 billion euros and helping them reach their ambitious objectives!

It is also means:

  • changing the world over Happy Hour

  • trying to beat Vianney at ping-pong

  • playing the piano if you're musically inclined

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