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Recommerce Group

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Recommerce's CSR policy through our 5 commitments.

Recommerce's CSR approach defines 5 priorities.

Recommerce's CSR approach defines 5 priorities.

  • The preservation of the environment : Our activity fights against digital pollution and the use of raw materials. - Reconditioning and responsible recycling : Among other things, we want to reduce the environmental impact of our factories and offices. - Quality of our products and services : A reliable reconditioned phone is a happy customer and a proud recommitter! - Health and safety at work : The well-being of our employees is essential. - Information security : Promise, you won't find SMS from the previous owner of your smartphone.

Concretely, how do Recommerce's values translate into action?

Our actions for the world

A committed activity : The Recommerce company was born out of an observation: the environmental balance sheet of a new smartphone is catastrophic. CO2 emissions, use of scarce resources, human exploitation... A solution had to be found! Recommerce therefore offers a reliable, but ecological alternative : reconditioned phones : For each reconditioned cell phone sold, we avoid the use of 40 kg of raw materials and the rejection of 30 kg of CO2 eq (or 340 km by car). An eco-responsible commitment rewarded by certifications : The ISO 14 001 standard demonstrates a reasoned use of energy on our sites. Support for causes that are important to us : We carry out various actions to raise funds. We donate these donations to associations that are essential to people around the world: SOS Children's Villages, Emmaus Connect, Children of the Desert, etc. In concrete terms, we collect used phones free of charge via the platform and donate the profits to various NGOs.

Depuis 2009

Recommerce a collecté plus de 4M de téléphones et ainsi évité l'émission de 200 000 tonnes de CO2 et l'extraction de 656 000 tonnes de matières premières.

Grade Platine

Recommerce a obtenu le Grade Platine par Ecovadis, la plaçant parmi les 1% des entreprises les plus responsables du secteur.

Our actions for our employees and partners

A desire to promote well-being at work : We look after our employees: they are at the heart of our business. Thus, we offer them the best possible working conditions: quality meals, a sports area, regular training, pleasant premises... Nothing is too good for Recommendees. Committed collaborators : We have a zero-waste approach in our offices. Awareness raising, conferences, challenges, DIY workshops... All these actions have enabled us to reduce our office waste by about 500 kg in 2018! Of course, we are continuing on our path.


ReCommerce is one of the 120 companies in the prestigious Next 120 index.🤩 ReCommerce is the expert in smartphone resale, refurbishment and trade-in. We give a second life to mobiles thanks to innovative technologies and methods, from collection to resale. We offer the widest range of refurbished smartphones on the market under the Recommerce brand, as well as innovative take-back solutions on the web and at the point of sale. We work with the largest European distributors and with telephone operators in the French and Swiss markets... and we are expanding all over Europe.📲 Because "making sense" seems essential to us, our solutions and processes are designed to actively contribute to sustainable development. 🌱 ✨what is a "Recommercant"?

  • It is acting directly on the environment in a positive way by reducing the ecological impact of our footprints.
  • It means working as a team on projects that aim to revolutionize our modes of consumption.
  • It's a team sharing the same values: the quest for excellence, humility, feeling concerned about others and the future and being optimistic, always!
  • It means feeling good even at work: really pleasant premises, outdoor areas for our barbecues, access to a multidisciplinary training platform, a Lunchr card, lunch between colleagues by colleagues on Thursday lunchtime, team sports on Wednesday lunchtime and others.

What they are looking for

Do you love the startup spirit and dream of working for an innovative company? You don't conceive work in any other way than in a good mood? You feel concerned about the future? You dream of having a job with a positive social impact? Are you ambitious and entrepreneurial at heart? If you answer yes to these questions you will make an excellent recommencer.

Good to know

At Recommerce solutions they like afterworks, ping pong, doing sports for lunch together, doing yoga on Tuesday evening, organizing meetings, tasting organic fruit every week, participating in massage workshops, having lunch together on the terrace, celebrating birthdays etc...

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