Intern Data Scientist: Nowcasting Inflation
QuantCube Technology

QuantCube Technology

Intern Data Scientist: Nowcasting Inflation


QuantCube Technology

QuantCube Technology

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Intern Data Scientist: Nowcasting Inflation

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Who are they?

QuantCube analyses billions of alternative data points in real time, using artificial intelligence and big data analytics to deliver insights ahead of the market – giving users an edge in their investment strategies.

Today we are the global leader in macroeconomic intelligence nowcasting and in pinpointing macro regime change. Our vision is to become the standard point of reference for macroeconomic, sector, corporate and environmental intelligence. By delivering timely, comprehensive and actionable economic insights we empower users within financial institutions, corporates and public bodies to reach their financial performance and sustainability goals.

Headquartered in Paris, QuantCube employs a diverse international team of economists, quant analysts and data scientists with expertise in multilingual NLP, deep learning and machine learning techniques. The company’s shareholders include Moody’s and Caisse des Dépôts and its R&D in computer vision has been partially funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and French government space agency CNES.

QuantCube Technology
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Job description

QuantCube Technology’s Inflation product consists in providing real-time indicators of inflation to different economic actors, whether it be private investors like hedge funds or banks or public institutions. These indexes are even more important as inflation is one of the key macroeconomic variables to monitor since it impacts interest rates, economic growth but also social stability. The Macro Team is therefore looking for an intern with econometric and machine learning skills with a strong interest in economics.


The assignments you will be working on include:

  • Understand the country economy you will be working on OECD Countries including Japan by performing variance analysis
  • Take part in the alternative data collection
  • Using and improving QuantCube inflation pipelines with state-of-the-art algorithms
  • Take part in the production adaptation of the codes


You will have the opportunity during these assignments to quickly gain responsibility: to lead a project from A to Z from pre-processing to modelling ; benefiting from weekly updates on the global economy ; to communicate directly with our IT and Data Science teams who are at the forefront of their field ; present your work to the whole team at the end of the internship.
We are a close-knit, friendly and multicultural team. We are looking for motivated people to join the adventure and participate in the development of QuantCube.

Preferred experience

  • Good level in python
  • Good level in mathematics
  • Strong Interest in Economics
  • Mastery of time models and econometric models
  • Fluent in English and possibly, proficient in Japanese

QuantCube recruits and recognises all talents

Recruitment process

  1. Meet the recruiter and Data Scientist Specialist (30 min)
  2. Technical Interview (1h)
  3. Meet the co-founders (30 min)
QuantCube Technology
QuantCube Technology

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