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About PwC

At PwC, we are a community of researchers who work together to build trust in society and to address important problems. In Slovakia, PwC is the largest consulting company with the widest range of services, and is possibly the most specialized. In addition to auditing, PwC provides advice across a variety of areas from taxes to finance, transformation projects, business process management, controlling, financial analysis, robotization and automation not only in financial processes, but also in the development of artificial intelligence.

Advanced Technology Solutions is an international team at PwC working on projects within technological platforms such as Pega, Appian, development in Python, Javascript or Rust for foreign clients in countries such as the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, The Netherlands, Spain, Bahrain and others.

PwC also works on projects in areas such as anomaly detection, computer vision and classic development in Java, within Slovakia.

The international environment means not only working on projects for companies abroad, but also working with colleagues from different parts of the world and use English daily. The company is headquartered in Bratislava, but many colleagues work remotely from different parts of Slovakia or from different countries - Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation and others.

PwC creates an environment where colleagues can learn from each other. The projects they deal with bring great opportunities to learn new things quickly. Not only about new technologies, but also about clients, various industries and their business. In this way, we can better respond to their needs.

Employees are never alone in their development. Everyone is assigned a coach who helps them set goals and move forward in the corporate structure. At PwC, we are guided by the fact that for people to excel, they need purposeful leaders who know how to uncover the potential of individuals.

Who they are looking for

PwC is a successful company that is constantly growing and expanding its teams with experienced specialists, graduates and students who are just beginning to build their careers.

Everyone who wants to learn and advance not only in their field, but also in the industry has a chance to succeed at PwC. At the company, there is a strong emphasis on personal growth and performance, which therefore attracts people who want to achieve their goals and develop. At PwC, people who foster innovative approaches are advancing ideas that are communicative and look forward to new technologies.

Good to know

PwC uses state-of-the-art technology across all services and projects - in audit, tax consulting and in all spheres of business consulting. The company employs economists, mathematicians, data analysts, developers, business process consultants, managers and many other different professions. Thanks to this, we help our clients to develop and improve their business.

The consultant has direct contact with the client. They listen to what the client needs and tries to find them the best solution. The consultant should understand the business, processes and needs of the companies they work for so that they can develop and follow up with proposals and solutions. The work of a consultant at PwC also includes the technical side and the development of the solution itself is then much more efficient because it is tailored to the business needs of individual clients.

Entertainment also has a place in PwC. We organize not only Christmas parties, but also the legendary Spring & Alumni Party, to which we also invite former colleagues. We regularly organize Away Days in recreational locations to allow us to rest together. Other activities include common lunches, beer sessions, paintball, bowling or other entertainment. You can also bring ideas for fun together.

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