CircleCI France

CircleCI France


Ponicode is becoming a CircleCI company and we are looking for even more talents to join this new adventure!

We are now CircleCI France, the Paris-based office of a widespread company working on the future of software engineering and more precisely, the future of the developer job. The team is facing exciting challenges around artificial intelligence, data and developer experience. Their goal is to make developers’ lives easier by designing solutions that will fit their needs. Working at CircleCI France is first and foremost making the revolution of your job, as a developer, happen.

What they are looking for

The CircleCI France office is looking for talents with an explorer mindset eager to work on a project that will impact the software industry future.

They are looking for more than a skill set: the team is made of motivated, smart people determined to play their part in this great adventure. They are people driven aiming at building the core team of a fast growing startup. They are therefore paying extra attention to enabling good team cohesion and nurture a smooth and easy work environment for each member.

Soft skills are therefore decisive to join the adventure as the people onboard are the greatest strengths to make the startup a success.

Open-minded and life-time learners are the people you will meet in the CircleCI France team :)

Good to know

They may be a young (and recent) team but they have lots of well adopted rituals!

Everyone has a voice in the adventure thanks to weekly meetings gathering each and everyone, whether it is to discuss new product capabilities or what better way to organise team building activities. They are not missing an opportunity to organise privileged team moments such as afterwork drinks and they are particularly fan of their annual seminar! The last one took place in Disneyland Paris, can’t wait to see what's the next one going to be like.

In addition to these informal breaks, the team also shares daily stand-ups in smaller teams, 1-to-1 meetings with our Senior Engineering Manager... The end game is that everyone has a say in the product development and is a key member of the company success.

Moreover, they are located in the center of Paris, a stone’s throw away from the Louvre Museum and next to the best restaurants and bars in the capital!

Oh. And they love a good afterwork together. Did we already say that?

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