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After completing a master's degree in finance at Paris Dauphine University, Thibault joined the Grande Ecole program at Essec with the vision to create his own company. Whilst completing a market study requested by one of his professors, Thibault met Serge, the owner of a restaurant in Val d'Oise. He agreed to answer Thibault's questions and asked him if he would help update the photographs of his restaurant on various websites that were important for his business. Thibault gladly accepted but soon realized how difficult yet necessary it was to do this type of work on multiple sites. That's when the idea of Partoo was born.

Since then, Partoo has evolved a lot...Convinced that the company he created can become the benchmark application around the world to help stores increase their revenue thanks to digital, Thibault loves working on new ideas for features that will make a difference in the future.

When not working on the development and growth of Partoo, Thibault regularly plays squash and football while maintaining his passion for hiking.

Manon likes to explore. Whether it be in the hub of Paris Opera or the lesser known Palais de Tokyo, but especially in the immensity of the Cloud. After business school, she honed her knowledge of the elements by completing a year in the French Navy for long-distance missions.

It is now through the negotiation of partnerships that she is giving a new direction to Partoo to develop all the activity related to independent traders. A specialist in Saas business models and solutions, within which she has been evolving for 6 years, Manon guides Partoo's partners in the growth of their business.

Ashore, she likes to limit her environmental impact and build things, all kinds of things, maybe tomorrow her own boat.

After completing a master's degree in entrepreneurship, Pia decided to join a young startup in the tourism industry to familiarise herself in the area of Customer Success. She was able to discover this profession and even created a pole in the business dedicated to customer consulting.

After two years, Pia wanted to join the Partoo team to develop her expertise in customer satisfaction within a growing startup.

What she likes most about her job: saving time for her customers! Curious by nature, Pia is always eager to meet new people and share ideas around a table!

Jonàs was born in Andorra, you know, that little country between France and Spain? After growing up between Barcelona and France, he attended INSA Lyon and graduated in 2013. With his diploma in hand, he joined an early-stage Parisian startup, which he helped to grow, until the startup was bought by AOL and Yahoo.

And yes, these two companies still exist! With his valuable experience working in both startups and larger companies, he joined Partoo as a Lead Developer, and became CTO one year later.

Vincent arrived at the very beginning of Partoo, when they were 7 people in the windowless office at Pépinière 27. Before that, he was a Sales Representative at Fiducial and offered management software to hotels. He is now Head of Sales of a continuously-growing team (10 people in 2019 and 40 in 2020), spread over all the countries where Partoo is present.

He is increasing initiatives to train his teams' sales people to be as technical as possible in their sales. The goal is to always help them progress! Vincent has a kind yet demanding management style and provides unfailing support to his sales teams!

Vincent is naturally curious and is interested in a wide range of subjects, from the world of football fans to French rap music which he has always listened to. He has also been boxing for 2 years and is still convinced that he will be able to resume training!

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Partoo is a scale up company whose mission is to help stores develop their turnover thanks to the Internet.

With more than 200 employees in France, Spain, Brazil and India, Partoo is growing at a rate of 80% to 100% per year. And this is just the beginning! Their goal is to become the reference application used by stores around the world to develop their business thanks to the Internet.

The next 5 years will be those of huge growth, both in terms of the product, which will bring more and more value to its users, and on an international level with their ambitious expansion strategy, as well as from a human point of view with the strengthening of the teams in their various offices. In May 2021, Webedia decided to finance Partoo’s international growth with 15 million euros. Their ambition is therefore to reach 100 million euros in turnover and 1000 employees by 2025.

But above all, Partoo is a human adventure: simple, fun, curious, empathetic and demanding people who want to make a real impact by helping local businesses and committing themselves to a company that places CSR policy at the heart of its strategy. For example, Partoo’s employees have the opportunity to dedicate their time to social or ecological organisations via the Vendredi platform.

The personal and professional development of employees, as well as their well-being, is a priority for the company, as evidenced by the Happy at Work label they received in 2020 and their 4.9/5 rating on Glassdoor.

What they are looking for

At Partoo, employees are the priority. Despite the company’s growth, it is essential for them to maintain the culture that has made them successful until now. Recruiting people who share the same values is therefore essential. Here are a few sentences that represent their state of mind:

  • Have fun at work
  • Sincerely care about others
  • Stay curious to bring value - to yourself, to others, to the company
  • Simplicity is the best route to success
  • We make decisions to have an impact
  • Striving to be simply the best

Good to know

At Partoo, time spent together is highly valued. Whether it's sports sessions taking place almost every lunchtime (boxing, football, running, crossfit, climbing, etc.), Friday after-work drinks, team or company retreats or even a weekly Partoo Academy to learn new things; There is something for every taste.

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