With a passion for music and creative expression, Kritika began her career at 16 managing production sets and events with well-known artists in the Indian film industry before founding her own Mumbai based music startup in 2015.

She has worked as a Producer on internationally recognised projects like Bombay Talkies (Cannes Film Festival 2013), MTV Unplugged, Sony Unsound Project, Koffee with Karan, and others before moving to Paris to continue her studies. After graduating with a Master in International Marketing from ESCE Paris she broadened her experience by working in strategic partnerships for the Paris based entertainment tech startups Seize and Deezer.

In the spring of 2019, Kritika joined OCUS to transform the production of visual content for brands on a global scale. As an International Project Manager, she is in charge of streamlining operational processes and to efficiently and seamlessly deliver projects for OCUS customers.

Outside of OCUS, Kritika is a former Indian national football team captain who likes to rage to old school music and watch films from all over the world. She is a co-parent of the company dog Pocus, usually the last man standing on any dance floor, and an appreciator of fine whisky.

Previously to OCUS Benoît was VP Product at Deezer, a streaming music service with more than 53 million songs to discover all over the world. He also worked as Product Director at Enablon for 7 years to improve health and safety of workers around the world. He was CTO of the Parisian startup My Little Paris. Serial- Entrepreneur, he launched several startups before.

He joined OCUS because he fell in love with the mission and the vision of the Company to bring imagery at scale to everyone. As a passionate guy he wanted to work in a land of passion - and photography was one for sure.

He is currently CPO at OCUS leading brilliant people around Product, UX, Research, Data and Integration. When he is not busy working for OCUS, he can be found coding with loud music in his headphones or building lego sets with his kids.

Will has a CV that has confused many recruiters: he started working life in the 80s as an electrician. From there he went back to university and graduated with a BA in European Languages and Business from Leeds Beckett. Then followed 12 years of IT management for KPMG Consulting, Bowne Inc and Gemserv.

No longer content with helping improve the bottom line, he decided it was time to add to the top line when he moved into B2B SAAS sales at DataSite, and Head of Sales for Gust.

Will runs the Key Account Management team at OCUS. His focus is simple: clear the path of obstacles that might get in the way of his team's mission which is the retention and growth of OCUS's key accounts.

If you ask him, he'll tell you he has the best job at OCUS, because he gets to manage a team of multi-talented individuals who in turn have the task of motivating everyone in the organisation in support of the success of our Key Accounts.

When he’s not busy working, he is likely to be found doing... DIY! OCUS is great but in the unlikely event someone offers to potter around his workshop all day he might have to reconsider his career!

Diplômée en économie de l’université de Buenos Aires en 2014, Alexe a été directrice du développement puis du réseau de franchises de Big Fernand pendant trois ans. Head of Operations chez OCUS depuis 2018, elle s’assure de la qualité et du bon déroulé des milliers de shooting photos et vidéos qu’on coordonne chaque mois dans le monde.

Son but : améliorer constamment la manière dont on les produit, et leur qualité. Pour ça, elle anime une équipe de plus de trente personnes, avec une vision : que chacune puisse se concentrer sur ce qu’elle aime faire et ce sur quoi elle excelle.

Quand elle n’est pas concentrée sur la coordination de l’équipe, vous la trouverez certainement en train de savourer une bière en terrasse avec des amis.


Founded in 2016, OCUS produces high-quality, custom visual content at scale for international brands. To do so, they rely on a global community of over 20,000 highly-qualified photographers and image creators. Product-driven, they use state of the art tech to make the whole process seamless both for brands and image creators.

Today, they deliver 4000 photoshootings each week in 120+ countries, for customers such as UberEats, Grubhub, Radisson, Booking.com. By investing constantly in R&D and new technologies, they make intelligent content that reaches the right audience at the right time. They have closed a 20M€/$24M investment in March 2021 to further invest in product development and engineering while expanding its market presence worldwide.

Four years ago, they were three people sitting at one desk. Today, the team is made of 100 passionate people from 20 nationalities, working from Paris, New York, Singapore.

What they are looking for

As a fast-growing, diverse team where engineers and creative profiles make for a wonderful combination, they’re looking for people who:

  • want to contribute to an exciting project that contributes to bringing the best of technology and creativity together

  • will be excited by their fast paced growth, international challenges and the team’s amazing friendliness

  • want to have a vertical learning curve through extreme ownership on their scope

  • share and receive feedback transparently and open-mindedly

  • bring a lot of care and ownership in what they do; put the projects and teams’interests at the forefront of their interests

  • collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures

  • bring their good vibes and favorite playlists to one of our afterworks and team building (real-life or zoom ;))

Good to know

By joining the team you will :

  • start discovering OCUS vision and culture during your Onboarding weeks

  • learn everything about photography and video during one of their training days with the Studio team

  • have fun during one of the events we cook for you every quarter, from Inspiring meetings to live-cooking events

  • benefit from their flexible remote work policy, suited to your own context

  • get to meet with their office dog Pocus!

  • get challenged every day to produce your best work and find the best fit between your abilities, interests and OCUS needs

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