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NonStop is a company where the cliché ‘you get out of it what you put in’ is a reality – the harder and smarter you work, the higher the rewards. Imagine being able to buy an apartment after just a few years of working!... or take holidays in exotic locations around the world!… or becoming a manager and developing your own team after just two years!

On the face of it NonStop is a highly successful, fast-growing recruitment consultancy but it’s more of a training and development company, so passionate are they about continual professional development.

They focus on hiring recruitment novices – those with no prior recruitment experience – and through an award-winning training programme, give those people all the skills they need to succeed in recruitment. Work your way up the completely meritocratic career path (no waiting for your manager to vacate their position; be promoted once hitting NonStop’s transparent criteria and targets) to unlock management training, become a team leader and eventually even a director.

Why NonStop? It represents the company’s resilient attitude, a determination to not give up and a desire to keep going against all odds. It means all NonStoppers are continuously striving for success and to keep growing personally, professionally, and collectively as a business.

With an employee base comprising 27 different nationalities across multiple European locations and a new office in Boston, USA, NonStoppers are a tight-knit team, supporting each other in and out of work.

What they are looking for

NonStop is looking for motivated, resilient people with great communication skills who are willing to learn and take on feedback.

Recruitment is a commission-based, sales-related job that involves connecting employers and job seekers for their mutual benefit. While NonStoppers do on occasion travel to meet clients, most of the work is done over the phone to maximise time so people need to be comfortable with making many phone calls a day as well as have good communication skills.

It’s fast-paced and competitive and you might find yourself working longer hours than you might be used to in order to beat your competition so you will need to be flexible.

And as you will be working with people – both clients (employers) and candidates (potential employees) – sometimes they will change their mind and a deal you have just made will fall through, so you need to be resilient too to pick yourself up and keep going.

Good to know

NonStop has been growing at an average rate of 40% (NFI) over the last nine years and is on a mission to continue this trajectory. This includes opening new offices in new locations. It has just recently opened in Bucharest and Boston, USA (the first office outside Europe!) while also expanding in Luxembourg and continuing to grow in Prague and London. NonStop is now eyeing up opportunities in Lyon, Milan and Copenhagen.

The growth has been 100% organic through hiring, training and developing its own people. All current company directors joined with no prior experience and worked their way up over several years, growing their own business units.

With NonStop’s focus on training and continual professional development, you can go from entry-level to management-level within an average of two years. You can expect your first promotion within a few months and your first commission shortly after.

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