At MeltingSpot we are reinventing the future of Communities by providing a unique platform that allows organizations, companies, and creators to start, grow, and engage their communities far from the noise and anonymity of social networks.

Community managers can create engaging events, host discussions, and optimize reach via known social networks, while keeping their independence and improving their ability to curate and personalize content through our platform.

What they are looking for

Looking for...

...those who know a great start up culture is more than a ping pong table, but about learning, doing, and having a ton of fun along the way.

...those who find joy in being creative, ambitious and who get a thrill challenging an idea to make it better. 

...those who share our vision and have the entrepeneurial passion to drive it forward with us. No backseat passengers!  

...those who genuinely care about those they work with and know that professional and personal development comes when you help to grow others.

Good to know

MeltingSpot is validated by strong tier 1 investors and lead by an experienced team who have built start ups and led teams before.  This is the moment to join, when creativity, discovery, and ownership are very much the mission. From building the product to crafting the story, make a real impact on the way companies will grow future sales. 

We are remote first, with offices for collaboration and connection.  We meet every quarter as a physical community to strengthen the team and experience joy!

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