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This almost 38-year-old autodidact began his professional life in the automobile industry, where he discovered customer relations and sales. Passionate and competitor, the management of a profit center will come to him quite quickly, before taking over the management of an automotive distribution site for a premium brand for 4 years. It was during these last 4 years that his professional and friendly bond with Frédéric Torreilles was born. The duo settles down. But the thirst to learn and to undertake was too great. After 15 years of service, he left the world of automotive distribution in 2017 to bring his expertise to consulting and digital transformation missions in sales, management, and customer relations. Key accounts and Parisian life then become his daily life: Banks, Insurance companies, Car manufacturers, but one certainty resists: digital YES, but human still have their place in customer relations. In December 2017, Frédéric founded MeetDeal. Telephone exchanges are daily between the 2 men, and it is at the turn of yet another conversion that Jérémy proposes to Frédéric to join him in April 2018. It was obvious to him; the DNA is shared. Hours and hours of brainstorming followed, months of in-depth work, the first recruitments ... not to mention the giggles! Today ask him what he is most proud of, he will undoubtedly tell you about his family but very soon he will tell you about his association with Fred.

Polyglot 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇷🇺🇪🇸, PhD in Computer Science, passionate about artificial intelligence and automatic language processing, she is now working on our DATA 360 ° course. Accessible and available, she is able to easily explain a very complex development.

A true globetrotter, he worked as a manager at Mickey's. He then flew to the Netherlands to join Nike and work on the development of the models we all know. Based on this experience, he left for Germany to participate in the development of the Adidas Footwear ranges, and then continued in this direction in Switzerland at Scott Sports. Then, it was in Hong Honk that he set down his suitcases to create his own strategy company around luxury goods. He also got into 3D modeling and he's having a blast! It was when he arrived at MeetDeal that he wanted to take up a new challenge. His enthusiasm and dynamism are assets in his role as product genius, he knows how to captivate consumers during a video live.

From hostelry to commerce, it has always been able to adapt. Besides, switching from telephony to cars didn't scare her. Thanks to her experience, she is an expert in customer relations. Calm, methodical and flawlessly regular, she had what it takes to become a lead manager. Today, she supports consumers in their automotive projects, and she knows her ranges perfectly.

Straight out of 42 school, the lines of code are his hobby! Pythonist at heart and interested by all, he has worked on various projects:

  • data center infrastructure
  • big data
  • software factory
  • Kernel linux development
  • System development
  • software development
  • app development

With his experience, he joined the MeetDeal adventure where he is today technical referent.


With a Customer Centric approach, they decided to disrupt the customer experience. Specialized in the automotive field, they have developed an omnichannel solution integrated into a DATA 360° journey. Their experts support consumers and qualify their needs in order to transfer only the most qualified leads to partners. In addition, all of the development of the tools they use is carried out internally by the developer and data sciences team.

Online experts come into contact with consumers via:

  • the chat bubble on the partners site
  • from social networks

Always in the interests of optimizing the customer journey, they allow their partners to integrate video into the customer journey. Product genius present vehicles from live video studios and answer consumers' questions live.

Since 2017, the company has continued to evolve and they do not intend to stop there, so take part in the adventure!

What they are looking for

MeetDeal is a growing startup where ideas are bursting! So they are looking for curious, versatile, autonomous and nice people. Because it's always better to work in a good atmosphere.

If you have an interest in the automotive sector it is necessarily a plus :)! Even more so if you want to join the lead manager or product genius teams, cars will be part of your daily life.

On the dev side we are more Python and API charmer :). They need passionate and interested profiles who are not afraid to innovate! As for data science, your daily life will be punctuated by AI, machine learning, lookalike profiles, etc. In marketing, social networks and video will no longer hold any secrets for you.

As you will have understood, for them, curiosity, versatility, autonomy and collaboration are the assets necessary for a good team.

Good to know

Once or twice a year they organize a party to bring everyone together and for new entrants and others meet. This allows everyone to get together and share a good time around good snacks.

Their offices are in Rivesaltes (66) in the South of France between sea and mountains. They have sun at least 360 days / year!

They also have an address in Barcelona in the Poble Nou district on the seafront.

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