MakeMusic Paris

MakeMusic Paris

Greg has joined MakeMusic's US headquarters in 2015 after the acquisition of the startup he co-founded in 2011 in Paris. He is now President of MakeMusic and Alfred Music.

As an engineer and musician, Greg sees a unique opportunity to connect MakeMusic's state-of-the-art web, music and audio tools and algorithms with the leading musical content provided by Alfred Music and its publishing partners. As a result, he passionately works with teams in France and in the US to build the reference ecosystem for Music practice.

Having discovered the exciting peculiarities of coding in his free time, Gabriel dropped his career as an advertising pagemaker to start a programming training.

He rapidly became passionate with Interface Development and JavaScript. After a few years deepening his knowledge at Wisembly, he joined Makemusic in 2017.

He loves aiming at pixel-perfect, chasing bugs, grumbling, drinking craft beers and listening to good sound.

When not on tour with one of his rock bands, Julien is always learning about new functional programming patterns, forgotten web protocols and the decentralized web.

He works on the back-end and infrastructure of Makemusic and focuses on building a stable and scalable platform to allow everyone to practice their preferred instrument in the best conditions.


Makemusic provides musicians with practice tools that help them acquire and reinforce skills, using a methodology implemented at the heart of its platforms: deliberate practice. Makemusic, via its SaaS platform Smartmusic, allows musicians to:

  • set practice goals
  • get real time feedback from signal processing algorithms embedded into the interactive score, and also asynchronous feedback, from their teachers who use the platform to listen and analyse their performance.

What they are looking for

Today Makemusic is looking for passionate web developers (front-end, back-end, DevOps/SRE). The team structure creates valuable opportunities for engineers with a musical background or interest and experience in Digital Signal Processing and real time applications, as well as for web developers with no musical background.

Makemusic Paris is a small collaborative team: no matter the level of experience and expertise, each member is invited to contribute to the products, to take ownership and grow.

Good to know

  • Open team, where every individual is respected and where every new member is invited to build on the group dynamic in her own way.
  • Work methods and working environment largely influenced by web development and software engineering.
  • Nice and comfortable office space at the Sentier Metro station in Paris with around ten people, casual atmosphere, remote work practices integrated into the team workflow.
  • Continuous collaboration and daily interactions in english with members of our US-based teams.
  • more than 4 millions paying users as of 2022
  • 100 employees between US (Denver) and France (Paris)

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