After leaving her job in the event industry, Justine chose to take some time to travel and discover herself. It was during this period that she met Adrien and discovered the multi-faceted position of Office Manager. As time went by, she shaped her job and her missions towards corporate culture and the position of Head of People Culture. Convinced that work should be a positive extension of daily life, she was seduced by the founder's vision, the team's spirit and the dynamism of the missions. Everyday she creates the most favorable environment possible for the development and expression of each person's talents.

Since he graduated from his engineering studies in digital 10 years ago, Adrien has spent his career working in the mobile consumer field. He founded 2 companies in this industry, and later on he managed the creation of a startup accelerator. He has then leveraged his knowledge of mobile products with several consumer startups.

He joined Luni in 2020 in the role of "product farmer" to launch new projects. This led to him creating Omada, and now filling the role of Omada COO within Luni. He enjoys working on products that impact millions of users and the "langues de chat" (a french biscuit called "cat tongue"). By the way he is called "AdriCat" internally...

Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Business from a major Dutch university, Anaïs started her career in marketing on international issues. Brand, product and operational marketing, it is with leaders in cosmetics and sports that she builds her skills. Always driven by her passion for sports and digital, she joined Luni in 2020 as Content Manager. Hired for the sports and wellness applications, she participates in the expansion of the Coach suite apps, both on the design and operational management. As the applications have become leaders in their respective markets, Anaïs' missions have continued to evolve. Her responsibilities now extend to brand development, in close collaboration with the Social Media teams. Since the beginning, she has been motivated by a cause close to her heart: to inspire current and future generations through new experiences in sports and well-being! And let's not forget (in addition to her passion for streetwear) she cherishes new encounters and knows how to integrate them into the group, they can testify to that :)

After attending Vannes IUT and Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse to obtain his Bac+5 in Statistics and Business Intelligence, Giovanni settled in Bordeaux and worked for Cdiscount as a first professional adventure. Two years later, he joined Luni as a Data Scientist. As the first recruit of the Data team, Luni's ambition to become a major player in the global mobile industry and the unbeatable work environment were the reasons that quickly convinced him to join the team. Giovanni's typical day? Solving his colleagues' "mathematical" problems with the data at hand, making beautiful graphs, pretending to push weights at the gym, shooting pool as hard as possible, and above all trying to make his colleagues laugh a little.

After graduating with a BTS in visual communication, Jules won a call for tenders very early on, which led to 5 years of freelance work in graphic design. He then co-founded the design studio Bureau Nuits, specialized in brand design, where he works in collaboration with his clients from different industries. He published his first typography that had a great exposure and led him to work on wordmarks and custom fonts in brand contexts. Curious, he started with a first mission at Luni by chance and was quickly seduced by the freedom left to the teams and the resources put in place to follow through on their ideas. He joined the team as a Brand Designer to help build strong and ambitious brands. He participates in the conception of identities and creates directions to help the designers but also the collaborators to facilitate their onboarding in the projects. He designs typographies, logotypes, shapes of all kinds and sets up guidelines to bring consistency in the use of brands.

Bastien got into the world of mobile applications very early on during his studies and has continued to evolve in this field ever since. He has had several experiences as an iOS developer in structures ranging from early stage startups to larger companies. He is particularly fond of prototyping apps to quickly put them in the hands of real users.

It is this passion that led him to join the Luni adventure in 2018 to help build what will be the current mobile team. He will help Luni accelerate the creation of new projects by bringing a mix of automation, tool modernization and elbow grease. He enjoys sharing his experience and continuing to learn from others.

On a more personal note, Bastien is always in a good mood and has more than one joke up his sleeve. You can always count on him to go work out, have a drink and talk music!

After a round-the-world trip, Romain did not see himself joining a traditional company. His desire for dynamism and challenge was fulfilled by joining Luni in 2018. Moving from project to project, he saw the startup grow and become a leader among mobile application editors. Always curious and with an entrepreneurial spirit, Romain learns and adapts every day. What does he like best? Autonomy and freedom of action... but also afterworks, fifa games, sports and bad puns.


At Luni, we aim to improve people’s everyday lives. And we create brands and experiences that do just that.

We’re all about quality content. Distinctive design. And making sure everything we create is useful.

We embark on projects and develop products on subjects that inspire us, like sport, health, and creativity. Luni is one of the top ten app publishers with millions of users worldwide.

Some of our creations we are most proud of: 👟 Fitness Coach, Omada, 📸 Photo Studio.

What they are looking for

Beyond skills, we’re looking for passionate people who are always thinking up new ideas.

Who prefer freedom to rules and limits. And who are determined to help make life extraordinary, instead of just ordinary.

Our people love dreaming, imagining, launching, iterating, reiterating, and learning, again and again.

Good to know

At Luni, you can work wherever you want: in our Bordeaux HQ (Lunipod), in our Paris office located in the 3rd arrondissement (Luniplex), both, remotely when you want…it’s up to you!

Our offices are designed with creativity and well-being in mind. Get a midday workout in at our gym, or join one of our weekly fitness classes. Take a mental break with your coworkers at our espresso bar, or a little solitude up in the penthouse.

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