Head of M&A Integration

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    Head of M&A Integration

    • Plný úvazek 
    • Paris


    Créé en 2014, Ledger est le leader mondial des solutions de sécurité et d’infrastructure pour les cryptomonnaies et les applications blockchain avec plus de 1.6 millions d’utilisateurs dans 165 pays. Ledger allie des expertises hardware et software afin de sécuriser des milliards de dollars sur plus de 30 cryptomonnaies.

    Ledger conçoit les solutions les plus fiables et les plus simples d’utilisation : notre équipe R&D a créé un Operating System dont l’ouverture et la flexibilité permet à l’utilisateur de reprendre le contrôle de sa vie digitale. Nous intégrons cet OS sur carte à puce (Secure Element) et HSM (Hardware Security Modules).

    En sécurisant l’ensemble de la blockchain, Ledger veut être un acteur majeur de la 4ème révolution industrielle.

    Leurs équipes sont situées à Paris, Vierzon, Hong Kong et New York.

    Chez Ledger, ils font un PACTE avec leurs collaborateurs. Cela signifie qu’ils incarnent les valeurs qui font leur unicité : le Pragmatisme, l’Audace, la Confiance, la Transparence et l’Engagement.

    Job description

    Ledger is a fast-growing leader in cryptocurrency security and infrastructure for blockchain applications. 

    Headquartered in Paris, with offices in multiple countries across Europe, North America and Asia, Ledger has a team of 250 + and an aggressive hiring plan for the next couple of years.

    Ledger is well funded with an aggressive growth agenda that will  that has M&A as a critical component of execution.  

    In this context of strong growth, LEDGER is looking to grow the M&A team, recruiting for a Head of M&A Integration, based either in Paris or London.

    Main Responsibilities

  • Input to and support of the due diligence process to flush out integration requirements
  • Work with the Ledger leadership team on formulating an integration strategy and execution plan covering process, systems, infrastructure and people:
  • Delivery of improvement requirements identified during due diligence
  • Post-close value capture
  • Integration of technology, legal and financial reporting
  • Streamlining of infrastructure such as offices and data centres
  • Alignment of employee benefits and payroll processes
  • Alignment of operational processes
  • Support development of retention plans
  • Manage delivery and ongoing recalibration of the integration plan
  • Create and manage messaging to newly integrated employees
  • Define and track key milestones/metrics aligned with transaction value drivers and synergy plan
  • Implement a repeatable integration playbook
  • Qualifications

  • You will have a demonstrated:
  • 7+ years business experience in a relevant operational role including a minimum of 3 years of experience in Integration
  • Direct experience in M&A execution and integration either in-house or with a consulting firm working with technology focussed acquisitions
  • Ability to create and manage project plans and broad cross-functional  teams
  • Soft Skills

  • Familiarity with all phases of an acquisition process
  • Ability to influence, advise and push back on executives to drive the integration agenda
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Fluent English
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize, problem solving. 
  • Benefits

  • Competitive remuneration and employee shareholding: access to EQUITY according to the company's current plan 
  • Relocation assistance if needed 
  • Strong focus on personal development, including internal and external training and conference attendance
  • High performance equipment for your work
  • Aggressive paid-off policy
  • Comprehensive health insurance with medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Annual company outing for Ledger Days; annual parties, snacks and drinks on the premises
  • Employee discount on Ledger products.
  • Ledger ensures fairness to all during the hiring process, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, social status, disability or age

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