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Kellogg Company

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Feeding and delighting millions of consumers around the world

Kellogg France offers quality products with delicious ingredients. On the menu? Increasingly simple recipes, flagship products (Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Special K) but also new products and organic products (Extra). No. 1 in breakfast cereals and No. 2 in savoury snacks with the Pringles brand, Kellogg France is constantly improving its products.

Enjoying performance

This is one of Kellogg France's key assets: the company has created a stimulating work environment that encourages teams to take risks and think differently. Every employee is brought face to face with a wide variety of jobs and exciting challenges on a daily basis. All this in a framework that encourages professional fulfilment and a better balance with personal life (autonomy, flexible working hours, teleworking, Summer Hours, etc.).

Making inclusion a driver of engagement

At Kellogg France, all personalities, preferences and nationalities are an integral part of the company's common adventure. The company is proud to have 15 different nationalities among its teams, to have a 63% female leadership team, a score of 95/100 on the Equal Pay for Women/Men Index as well as several labels rewarding its inclusive policy (Top 50 Companies for Diversity, Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+...).

“Cultivons la Simplicité” programme

Now, promoting healthier and more sustainable production and consumption methods. By 2025, 100% of its packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable! Every year in France, the company donates an average of 200 tonnes of products to associations fighting against food insecurity such as the Food Banks, the ANDES network of solidarity grocery shops or the Restos du cœur. It has also voluntarily adopted the Nutri-score on all its Kellogg's and Verival.


Kellogg France has been developing for years a work environment that promotes professional fulfilment.

How does Kellogg's do this? Thanks to a real flexibility that allows a better balance between personal and professional life and promotes F/W equality. Teleworking is open to all employees, 96% of whom tested it in 2019. The objective? To distinguish between the performance and the workplace. Every year, the Summer Hours are a great success, allowing employees to finish at 3 p.m. on Fridays between June and September: an avant-garde measure tested and approved by 91% of employees in 2020!

Kellogg France is also committed to gender equality.

In March 2020, the company obtained a score of 95/100 on the gender equality index. This result reflects the company's active mobilisation for several years in favour of real equality in the workplace. But that's not all! The group is committed to achieving parity for all its executives and senior managers in France by 2025. And the results speak for themselves: at Kellogg's, 44% of executives and senior managers are women! As of 2018, 45% of managers are women and more than 63% of women hold strategic positions: sales force management, sales strategy, finance and HR.


Kellogg France is the French subsidiary of the Kellogg's Group, a pioneer and leader in breakfast cereal products worldwide. For 110 years, Kellogg's has been feeding millions of people by offering quality products to as many people as possible, including those who need them most, while respecting farmers and the environment.

What is Kellogg's strength? Iconic brands in 180 countries, dynamic teams with inclusive values and a shared desire to leave a positive imprint on the world. The group brings together 33,000 talents internationally, including 180 in France. Together, these men and women share the same ambition for the world.

What they are looking for

There are two main families of professions at Kellogg France: the Business teams (sales force, marketing, etc.) and the Support Functions (HR, communication, legal, etc.). The company is constantly looking for new bilingual talents, whether they are recent graduates, holders of a Master’s Degree or with 10 years of experience. Often coming from business schools, engineering schools (agronomy, supply chain...) or universities, these profiles generally have a strong interest in the FMCG industry. If they have international experience, it's even better!

Kellogg France's ambition is to build efficient teams with real agility and a strong results-oriented culture. The profiles we are looking for are bold and ready to shake up the lines. Within the company, they are supported by a management team that develops talent and pushes them to surpass themselves. Courage, commitment and the desire to satisfy the customer are qualities that are fundamental at Kellogg France.

Good to know

Working at Kellogg's is an opportunity to grow in a global company focused on its consumers and customers. But also to actively participate in the major development of our CSR strategy and many other projects.

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