After a long period as an employee in large groups, mainly in the banking sector, Sinicha decides to launch himself into entrepreneurship and to found his own company.

Thoughtful, self-confident but always listening to others, he decides to offer an ideal, a unique vision of the company and a common project where it is possible to build everything. This is how in 2015, ITEC was born.

His main goal for the future of the company is to develop ITEC nationally and internationally, to evolve its subsidiaries and to bring continuous stability to the company.

Enthusiastic, versatile and empathetic, it is with these values and thanks to her network that Annabelle had the opportunity to join ITEC in 2017, to discover the world of IT and the profession of VIP support consultant.

With this experience and thanks to her HR training, she has now been working as a Human Resources Manager at ITEC for 5 years now.

Her mission is to manage and lead the HR team. Within her department, she and her colleagues ensure that recruitments are carried out correctly, manage the GPEC and the training policy, support the career follow-up of employees and manage disputes and litigation. CSR issues are also very important to them and they like to encourage ITEC to go down greener roads.

My professional goal would be to become an HRD while remaining modern in my approach to my employees.

Alexis has been a Microsoft consultant for almost 6 years within ITEC. Internally, he is mainly in charge of infrastructure management, especially Microsoft 365 and its associated tools (Azure, Active directory, Exchange, ...).

Two dates marked a professional turning point for him. They certainly represent the biggest risks he could take during his career.

After his studies, Alexis had the challenge of managing an entire SME production of 120 people by himself. He then became more competent and autonomous.

After this first experience, Alexis wanted to try something else. He then took the gamble of joining ITEC, almost 6 years ago, when the company still only had 4 people. This offered him an excellent opportunity for evolution but also for professional development.

His main objective today is to become a technical reference within the company and why not aim for the title of MVP.

For more than a year, Karima has been working for the ITEC group. She is currently Transition Project Manager for a CAC 40 Group, a client of the STRATEGY subsidiary. She is in charge of the operational management of the transfer of a client's service centers from Toronto to France and Bangalore. This mission is characterized by a strong international dimension and is perfectly in line with her career path.

ITEC allowed her to work on various projects as a strategy consultant, from responding to calls for tender to managing a large-scale transition project. The company also gave her the opportunity to go from a simple intention to go international with an ITEC subsidiary in Africa to the elaboration of a Business Plan. A project that lasted 6 months.

Intercultural management, project management and risk management are important themes in her daily life.

What Karima likes the most about working for the group is working transversally between the different subsidiaries and creating high value projects.

Her ultimate goal is to pass the bar and become a lobbyist. It is essential for Karima to accompany structures in their international development, and thanks to ITEC, she had the opportunity to do so at the age of 24. This experience was extremely capitalizing and formative for her.

With his 4 years of experience at ITEC as a digital consultant and his experiences within large groups, Balthazar, today General Manager of ITEC WORKPLACE, likes to combine agility, innovation and rigor.

He accompanies his collaborators in their professional development and responds to the new challenges of the clients who have placed their trust in him. He is also involved in the optimization of operations and in the management of large projects in order to increase the subsidiary's activity and to develop new opportunities for it.

Balthazar has one motto: always have fun getting up in the morning to go to work. The trust and attentiveness of his colleagues are important to him and allow him to be the best version of himself.


Founded in 2015, ITEC is a young ESN providing IT solutions to the various challenges or issues that its customers face on a daily basis.

The company has 5 subsidiaries (STRATEGY, APPS, INFRA, SECURITY and WORKPLACE) that allow it to respond to the different challenges of the IT world and to touch all the specializations of the sector.

Its history is linked to that of its founder, Sinicha. After a long career as an employee and then as a freelancer, entrepreneurship offered him new opportunities and a different vision of the world of work: at ITEC, employee satisfaction is just as important as customer satisfaction.

A first pillar of this vision is initiative, innovation and ambition. This translates into the freedom to propose and undertake new ideas and projects. The second pillar is the desire to accompany and support its employees with a collective spirit of sharing. Finally, the last one is the enthusiasm and benevolence, necessary to move forward together, as far as possible.

What they are looking for

ITEC regularly offers new IT jobs: Web Developer, Digital Event Coach, Cyber Security Engineer, DevOps or Project Manager. One of these positions surely corresponds to you so don't hesitate to apply!

ITEC is looking for a state of mind: the company believes above all in the goodwill and motivation of each individual.

Continuing to learn throughout one's career is a shared belief at ITEC. Training is strongly encouraged and supported in order to acquire or improve skills.

Good to know

Why join us?

Joining ITEC means joining a team of passionate and supportive experts, who will keep you moving and advancing in your professional career. Based in Odeon, in the center of Paris, it is an ideal place to work and enjoy the Parisian life after work.

Seminars, workshops, afterworks, parties and sports or charity events of all kinds are organized to consolidate the human contact between our employees.

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