Developer Advocate / Dev Rel


Developer Advocate / Dev Rel

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  • IT / Digital, SaaS / Cloud Services, Kybernetická bezpečnost
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Developer Advocate / Dev Rel

  • Plný úvazek 
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  • 3 rok VŠ
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Who are they?

GitGuardian is a global post series B cybersecurity startup, we raised $44M recently with American and European investors including top-tier VC firms.

Among some of the visionaries who saw this unique market value proposition, are the co-founder of GitHub, Scott Chacon, along with Docker co-founder and CTO Solomon Hykes.

We develop code security solutions for the DevOps generation and are a leader in the market of secrets detection & remediation.

Our solutions are already used by hundreds of thousands of developers in all industries and GitGuardian Internal monitoring is the n°1 security app on the GitHub marketplace. GitGuardian helps organizations find exposed sensitive information, that could often lead to tens of millions of dollars in potential damage.

We work with some of the largest IT outsourcing companies, publicly listed companies like Talend or tech companies like Datadog.

Based in Paris we are a true citizen of the world with more than 80% of their customers in the United States.

The Guardians are young, passionate and aiming high! 🙌

Want to know more about GitGuardian?Company culture, teams, technical stack, jobs... Let's go for an immersion!
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Job description


As a Developer Advocate at GitGuardian your main mission will be to be the public technical voice of GitGuardian!

You will explain our products and solutions by interacting with the developers’ community with every necessary medium. You will report directly to the Head of Content and you will raise awareness around code security and DevSecOps best practices.

In the end, you will help developers protect their sensitive data by unlocking the most value out of GitGuardian’s product.

By joining our team, you will take an active part in:

  • Developing with our Head of Content and other Developer Advocate a strong communication strategy to interact with our community about our products and related cybersecurity topics
  • Producing highly qualitative technical content such as blog posts, white papers, workshops, webinars, videos on youtube…
  • Organizing and / or being a part of developers and cybersecurity related events such as conferences, meetups, podcasts
  • Building a community of users
  • Working closely with highly-skilled developers, product managers and growth hackers
  • Keeping yourself up to date with the products of the ecosystem we live in, see what works / doesn’t work and detect trends

Why should you join us?

As a post Series B startup, we are facing many exciting & strategic challenges and we are experiencing very rapid growth: our goal is to recruit +100 people in 2022!

🌴 A remote-friendly environment up to 3 days / week
💸 An attractive package that includes stock-options
💻 The latest setup equipment including cool apps, tools and technologies
👊 Working to develop a meaningful product → we already helped more than 200k developers!
🍺 Lots of team-building activities
🚀 Many opportunities for career development in the long term
📈 A strong engineering culture
🐕 Pet-friendly offices → every Guardian gets to bring their dogs to the office and we love it!
👫 Lots of trust & autonomy on your perimeter with a very transparent internal communication

Preferred experience

  • English native
  • 2-3 years of experience on a similar role in a tech startup environment
  • Degree in engineering, computer science or similar technical field
  • Experience in writing code and or cybersecurity
  • Passionate about the developer ecosystem and particularly the DevSecOps trend
  • Very energetic and autonomous personality with good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Have experienced strong team growth in a previous company, you understand the startups dynamics and challenges

Recruitment process

  • 1 visio call with the recruiter
  • 1 visio call with the CMO
  • 1 written case study
  • 1 final interview with the CEO


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