Since the age of 8, Paul has been animated by two singular passions: cinema and computers. After spending most of his childhood unmounting the latter he created his first startup in the Connected TV space. In 2013, he meets Vincent, his business partner, with who he decides to cast the foundations of ForePaaS.

Transitioning from applied mathematics, to material science, to the construction technology industry to Big Data, Thomas joined ForePaaS as the first Product Manager. Constantly juggling projects collaborating with engineering, design or more business operations teams, he brings his enthusiasm, environmental consciousness & love for composting to the team. Don’t get him started on healthy eating.

World traveler against his will, at 25 years old, Manuel has already lived in over 10 countries, visited more than 35 and speaks 4 languages. Following that theme, Manuel joined ForePaaS as a Data Application Software Engineer through Skype interviews while tanning under the sun of Australia.

Looking for a diverse background? You won’t be disappointed with Antoine! He started his career as a professional cello player turned professor based on the idyllic islands of French Polynesia for over a decade. Embracing fully his mid-life crisis, he returned to school to get a Masters in Applied Mathematics and became a data scientist… Antoine is now our Lead Developer for the Data Science team.

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ForePaaS is building a platform as a service which automates the infrastructure for data projects. As of today, developing and deploying an analytics application personalized and interactive is a long and laborious process. With their platform, they're automating the whole value chain and bringing it to their users in a low code interface.

Created in 2015, ForePaaS is the result of the hard work of passionate data & cloud professionals. Counting a good number of Fortune 500 companies as clients, they continue to build trust that digital transformation is not science fiction for large enterprise.

With a completely mutli-could offering, their technology stack is diverse from front-end frameworks to back-end top-notch container technologies. Today they also have successful partnerships with tech companies such as Cisco to deliver on-premise services.

What they are looking for

At ForePaaS, they are looking for passionate & curious team members who want to help them challenge the status-quo around analytics, data applications development & deployment. On a daily basis, be ready to live the hectic rhythm of a young, innovative and ambitious start-up. They are especially excited about hiring a diverse, multi-cultural team. Be ready to become autonomous, eager and collaborative: team spirit is an absolute requirement.

Good to know

Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 and coffees are their play room’s best friends… Passionate conversations often end-up with a drink around the table.

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