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Creative Dock

  • Digital, FinTech/InsurTech, Incubator / Accelerator
  • Prague, Barcelona, Berlin, Kyiv, Milan, Munich, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Vienna, Zürich
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Digitalisation and automation are Creative Dock’s middle names, but don’t get us wrong. At the core, there are always people, specifically talented specialists with a deep know-how. Like Ran, who is part of our team specialising in automation in the field of marine hull insurance. As Quality Assurance Specialist, Ran oversees the design, testing, execution, qualitative delivery and performance of the product. In short: when everything works smoothly, we have her to thank!

Having been introduced to Creative Dock by a friend and current colleague, she joined part-time at first, but soon became a fully fledged part of a growing team of 12 people. Fostering open communication and supportive environments has always been the focus point of her work – as well as what she enjoys the most. She has plenty of opportunities to put this approach into practice, becoming the proverbial bridge between the internal development team and the client. Not a bad mission, is it?

Behind Miroslav’s mischievous smile and amiable attitude hides an entrepreneurial spirit and laser-like analytical skills. But these aren’t the only elements that make him the heart and soul of Creative Dock. As the co-founder, he’s been there from the very beginning and since then, he’s done – “probably everything”, as he likes to put it. He has been the CFO, CDO, Ventures CEO, Head of Business Development, and last but not least, Head of Big Data.

Miroslav is an avid sportsman, who used to be among the top 10 triathletes in Czechia. Nowadays, he loves to go for frequent bike rides with his wife and three kids. Even his approach to work is vigorous: Miroslav enjoys Creative Dock’s fast pace and forward-thinking spirit, drawing inspiration from the challenges that the rapidly changing business of venture building brings along. Oh, and he underwent American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, which is one more reason why it’s good to have him around.

Lilian loves to help people. And because design – at least the good one – should do exactly that, Lilian and design are a perfect match. Nevertheless, she does more than just lead and manage the design team at our offices in Zurich and London. She also facilitates design thinking and innovation-focused workshops with clients, oversees project management or user testing of various projects and takes part in the hiring and onboarding of new staff.

Some of her favourite aspects of her job are the ability to grow and learn, continuously try new things, and work with a broad spectrum of people from executives to university professors. Having spent most of her adult life in Zurich, she has recently decided to exchange the big city for a more rural vibe. Now, Lilian lives in the Swiss countryside and appreciates that her job allows her to work partly from her home office in the mountains.

Judging by the look, you might never guess that this heavy-metal incarnation of Rasputin is actually a very process-oriented person. Michal came to Creative Dock more than six years ago to establish the Content Team, which later grew into the Studio – a full-sized creative and digital agency servicing both internal and external clients. From then on, Michal has been responsible for delivering content strategy, creative ideas, and great content on a wide range of platforms.

What Michal values the most about working at Creative Dock is the collaborative spirit, open and welcoming atmosphere, creative freedom, and the chance to build something from scratch almost every week. In turn, we are extremely glad to have found a seasoned professional with a unique brand of humour as well as 25+ years of experience, including creating and supervising an award-winning B2C magazine: Vodafone’s ČILICHILI.

Anyone who claims that data analysts are weird boring people in Norwegian sweaters should meet Yeşim. Not only does she hold a degree in psychology and cognitive sciences; she is currently getting her Ph.D. in theoretical and evolutionary biology. At Creative Dock, she is responsible for maintaining and creating new data pipelines for projects in Keboola, data acquisition, analyses, and visualizations of data for reporting purposes.

Yeşim also founded a startup developing an app to target the social skills of 3 to 6-year-olds on the autistic spectrum and co-developed the computer game Arranged, which is available on Steam. She values working for Creative Dock not only because it gives her the opportunity to further deepen her skills and flexibility to proceed with her Ph.D., but also because she loves to be among such a friendly and open-minded bunch of people. And anyone from this bunch considers it an honor to be invited for dinner to Yeşim’s place because she is a truly marvellous cook.

About Creative Dock

Creative Dock Group was founded as a disruptive Czech startup. Thanks to ambition and hard work, it is Europe's largest independent venture builder now.

“We build digital products and companies from idea to scale. We innovate corporations and help them find new sources of revenue or even change their business model through digitization and digitalization.”

CD Group operates in 10 countries, where it employs 450+ people. It has launched 66+ products and companies all around Europe including Zonky (CZ), Stekkie (NL), Dokio (HU), Mutumutu (CZ), Fairo (UA/RO), or CareDriver (DE). Many of them have already been scaled to new markets.

The company's European capacity is focused on the DACH countries, where we have a strong presence with large offices in Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and elsewhere around the region. Besides successful company building done by all our offices, Berlin has attracted quite a large number of clients due to its exceptional ability in providing unique business foresight.

What does Creative Dock do?

It helps European corporates, investors, and governments in the global digitalization race. CD Group is proud to create:

  • impactful enterprises
  • outstanding products
  • new business models
  • customer-friendly services

With a tailor-made approach to each project, Creative Dock focuses on fintech, insurtech, eHealth, eCommerce, energy, retail, or automotive. Yet, the portfolio and expertise is growing gradually.

Creative Dock has many opportunities for various tech people, innovation analysts, digital specialists, marketing gurus, and more. See the current Jobs tab.

Company Basics

Creative Dock prefers meaningful principles to a rule-based framework and puts outcomes before processes. It believes in creative freedom. “We listen, discuss and we’re open to change. Our methodology is to fall and rise again – come up with great ideas, and turn them into beloved products.”

Who is Creative Dock Looking for

Ideal candidates should share an affinity for CD’s internal culture and work ethics.

Exploring. “We look for imperfections, we dare to conquer the unexplored. We question, learn from our mistakes, and invite the unexpected.”

Impactful. “We want our products to transform lives. To make them better, easier, and/or fuller. We only work on projects that we personally believe in.”

Collaborative. “Cooperation is key. You are only as good as the people around you. Respect others. Move past your ego to realize your potential.”

What's Good to Know

As a European company, Creative Dock is based on sharing know-how not only among people and projects but also among different countries across the group. You might spend one year working on a project in Prague, another in Zurich, and the next one in Vienna, perhaps. The company favors personal interaction as much as possible. However, remote working is also an option.

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