AXA Climate

AXA Climate

Tech team

Our ambition is to create an optimized platform for the calculation of automated and flexible climate indicators: data is our core business. A large part of our work is dedicated to the automation, standardisation and continuous improvement of our processes.  We also try to have a scientific approach of systematic peer review for all our technical choices. This includes:

  • infrastructure as code: everything that can be automated is automated
  • a systematic review process: all code produced is reviewed by at least one third party and must go through an automated validation
  • a progressive, constantly evolving architecture
AXA Climate
AXA Climate

Employee breakdown

  • Experts in infrastructure


  • Python developers


  • JS/NodeJS front-end developers


  • Experts in large-scale processing


Technologies and tools


  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js


  • Vue.js
  • react


  • Tableau
  • Python (Data Science)
    Python (Data Science)
  • PostGIS
  • Pandas
  • AWS Athena
    AWS Athena

Focus technology 1 ⚙️

At the heart of our system is a dependency tree that automatically solves the calculations needed to predict and update climate indicators. This tree allows us to push global optimisations, manage a precise and elaborate security, and decouple our services.

Focus technology 2 ⚙️

The orchestration of the calculations is triggered by events and allows a good reactivity to changes and a highly distributed model. The system is described by the business, deployment and security are automated.

Organization and methodologies

Depending on the team, rituals may vary, often in the form of a simple standup, you will have to express in a sentence or two what you did the day before, what you have planned for the day and what is blocking you.

On a weekly basis, an architecture meeting is an opportunity to present future solutions, to present developments or to decipher failures. Everyone can come with their topics, but everything is written: documents are shared in advance and commented on the WIKI, peer review applies to code as well as to architecture.

Projects and tech challenges

  • Cocoon: providing climate and environmental indicators globally
Cocoon: providing climate and environmental indicators globally

Cocoon: providing climate and environmental indicators globally

Climate change offers countless challenges ahead, both human and technological. Within the AXA Climate project, Cocoon offers the distributed platform to provide the information to address these challenges of our century. It is complex, the playing field is the planet, the amount of information is colossal and requires huge engineering and scientific efforts. The search for simplicity is at the heart of the project: how to manage this huge amount of information and showcase it to decision makers and the general public.

If this resonates with you, welcome to the "butterfly effect" and its Cocoon platform!

Recruitment process

  • Technical (what you have done in the past, technical questions about projects you have been involved in)
  • Cultural (how you like to work, interact with others)
  • Business (we tell you what we do in concrete terms so that everyone knows what to expect)
  • HR (find out about each other and the many benefits of our company)
  • Our CEO to discover his vision