ARMIS has established an international culture based on three fundamental values that allow it to establish and build professional ties between its various employees. Its rich diversity of professions, skills and nationalities encourages the development of its employees in a benevolent manner and at high speed to achieve its objectives and accomplish its many ambitious projects.

Each week at ARMIS is different, allowing each person to push his or her limits but also to take full advantage of the various daily, weekly and monthly rituals to relax together and to develop in the best conditions.

Their values

  • People Company

People Company

Operational Excellence

Fast learner

People company

“Alone we go faster, together we go further” - African proverb

Collaborate with care

People company
Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

“High expectations are the key of evolution” - Sam Walton, Founder Walmart

Aim for greatness

Fast learner

“ Mutations drive our evolution” - PR Charles, X-MEN

Own and challenge

Fast learner


ARMIS was born from the merger of the digital advertising and retail expertise of David Baranes, ex VP Market Development Southern Europe of AppNexus (now Xandr) and Dan Gomplewicz, ex Director of Strategy and Innovation of E.Leclerc.

ARMIS is revolutionizing the retail market by developing an AI-powered SaaS platform. Thanks to this software, the company is constantly proving its efficiency in supporting local stores in the digitization of their print circular, transformed into ads everywhere online. Its innovative technology called "Multi-local Advertising" is based on machine learning, geolocation and programmatic, to enable retailers to be more visible online and thus compete with pure players (Amazon).

To make it possible, ARMIS has developed an AI robot : FLAI - Fast Learning Artificial Intelligence, which chooses the most relevant advertising messages to be automatically and smartly displayed around each store in order to generate in-store traffic.

Based in France, ARMIS is working with French retailers from Food and Non-Food industries such as Intermarché, Monoprix, Auchan, Norauto, Joué-Club, Bricorama. ARMIS goes even further with an international expansion already started in Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal).

For more details and know more about its solution, don’t hesitate to visit the website here =>

What they are looking for

Established on 3 core values: People Company, Operational Excellence & Fast Learner, ARMIS keeps on growing and has also started its development beyond the French borders ! In order to face new challenges and address several issues, ARMIS is looking for future talents who share the same values and are willing to fully invest themselves into bringing their contribution to the company.

A good recruit at ARMIS is curious, autonomous, passionate about innovation and has a strong desire to contribute to the digital revolution in retail as well as the international adventure of the company !

Good to know

Diversity is ARMIS’s first asset: diversity of jobs, skills and nationalities. It is also (almost) about equality, since 40% of its talents are women. Joining ARMIS is the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and caring team where each member can enjoy afterworks, sports sessions, the famous lunchtime Coffee Game and other surprises !

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