Senior Lead Dev - Health Data Platform


Senior Lead Dev - Health Data Platform

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Senior Lead Dev - Health Data Platform

  • Plný úvazek 
  • Paris
  • Možnost pracovat částečně z domova
  • > 5 let

Who are they?

Apricity is the world’s first virtual fertility clinic.

Patient-centric virtual fertility clinic supporting its patients with a dedicated care team (advisors, nurses & doctors). Offers a hybrid service (digital & physical) with lab & procedures delegated to partner clinics. Apricity has developed its own patient management system & mobile app for better guidance, transparency and communication and provides AI-enhanced care thanks to its own data & algorithms.

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Job description

Apricity provides a medical service: we sell fertility treatments to patients as any clinic. But we deliver this service in a completely new manner thanks to a cutting-edge digital platform comprising:

  • a mobile application and web portal for patients
  • a web Patient Management Portal for the internal use of Apricity medical and operations team
  • a hosted suite of medical software (Electronic Medical Records Software, digital consent platform, email encryption, tool for communicating with partner-clinics) for internal use by the Apricity medical and operations teams

The Apricity Health Data Platform aims to

  • bring all of these softwares together and integrate them with data flows from providers and to partners third parties
  • provide in-house web and machine learning engineers with the tools to safely and securely display, manipulate, analyse, store and share healthcare data
    Development on this platform has started at the end of 2021.

Your responsibilities:

  • Handle feature development end-to-end (identify value, architect solutions, deliver it, and help on training). Features can be:

    • ETL pipelines
    • API endpoints to consume, store, manipulate FHIR data
    • Web components for web developers
  • Develop and maintain code and infrastructure for our backend with a focus on:

    • Quality
    • Security
    • Privacy
    • Data management
  • Orient the technical strategy, help in the continuous improvement and refactoring
  • Take an active part in decisions about architecture, tools and coding practices
  • Share your technical knowledge with the team and help it grow.

Preferred experience

Who are you?

  • You have a product & delivery focus and strive for happy users
  • You have a strong 5+ years software engineering background that includes data engineering, full-stack web development and DevOps
  • You have experience on AWS services
  • You’ve worked in a regulated environment (healthcare, banking, insurance,…) and had first-hand experience with the code quality, data protection and cybersecurity responsibilities it entails
  • You are fluent in French and English
  • You have excellent communication skills to understand as well as to share and communicate information to various stakeholders

Recruitment process

  • 1 screening interview with a member of the tech team
  • 1 technical exercise - with restitution to 2 members of the tech team
  • 1 fit interview with the CTO + 1 fit interview with the CEO


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